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The Importance of Planning

The success of a project begins with the early involvement of project planning in the early stages of project development by utilizing preconstruction services. Poole Anderson offers a century of expertise in preconstruction including project review, cost estimating, knowledge of materials, site and building logistics, code compliance, and project execution.

Selecting Poole Anderson to work collaboratively with the Client, Designers, and Engineers during pre-construction will ensure that your project goals are identified, assessed, and achieved. Early identification begins with our project reviews offering input on building systems, code navigation, budget, schedule, and logistics. Addressing each of these items early in the process will assist to streamline progress and mitigate future challenges. Assessment of the project details including constructability reviews, schedule refinement, and budget tracking are continual with real-time updates achieved through our complete project immersement.

Our pre-construction success is achieved through not only our dedicated preconstruction team but through the integration of our operations team as well. Project Executives, Project Managers, MEP and Technology Coordinators, Safety and Quality Managers, as well as Project Superintendents all have the opportunity to lend their expertise providing multiple perspectives and multiple solutions.

Proven Success

Poole Anderson has a proven track record of providing successful pre-construction services evident in our percentage of repeat Clients and Owner testimonies. Our collaborative approach along with 100 years of construction experience enables us to integrate into any team and further elevate your project by providing:

  • Early and Accurate Cost Assessments with Real-Time Updates
  • Cost Value Analysis of Various Materials and Systems 
  • Change Tracking and Value Management Logs
  • Project Schedule / Phasing Preparation and Tracking 
  • Site Planning and Construction Logistical Analysis
  • Long Lead Identification and Procurement 
  • Constructability Reviews 
  • Permit and Code Navigation
  • Scope and Bid Package Development 
  • Bid Process Management 
  • Bid Leveling and Risk Assessments 
  • Material and Labor Market Navigation 
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