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Safety is Our #1 Value at Poole Anderson

Safety is the #1 value at Poole Anderson. It is included in the planning and execution of all projects as well as integrated into every employee’s responsibilities, beginning their first day of work. We require all employees to attend a comprehensive safety orientation prior to starting work, followed by extensive on-site training tailored to job performance activities.

Our safety training includes not only the minimum requirements as outlined by OSHA, but also best practices we have developed in our 100 years of construction experience.

AQC Pledge: 

As an Accredited Quality Contractor, our company is committed to providing our clients with the highest quality construction services and we care deeply about our employees and the communities in which we build. We are proud to be part of the construction industry and are dedicated to the principle of free enterprise. We commit ourselves to serve our communities and to provide our employees with the skills they need to work safely and productively in order to meet the needs of our clients.



Our Process

We work closely with our customers, design team, subcontractors and suppliers to insure the safety of all site employees as well as the general public is secured. We use a three step process on a daily basis to accomplish this:

  • Evaluate the site, scope of work, and surrounding areas to develop a Site Specific Safety Plan on all projects.
  • Communicate before and during the project to insure a safe work environment.
  • Insure the proper signs and barricades are in place to make sure travel in and around the site is clear for the protection of everyone on and near the project site.

100 years of construction experience gives Poole Anderson the knowledge of how to complete your project without accidents or injury. Building Partnerships with the Customer, Architect, and Subcontractors insures the communication process continues to the successful end of your project.

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